Our Strategy, Your Advantage

Morgan Properties is a premier owner and operator of Class B apartments in the Mid-Atlantic region, Sun Belt states, and the Northeastern United States. With an established portfolio and proven track record of acquiring and repositioning assets in need of rehabilitation, we bring to the table a competitive advantage that others in the market just can’t beat.

Our Communities

Tenets of Investment

The Morgan Properties investment strategy is focused on three essential investment tenets. By adhering to these core principles, we are able to consistently realize a greater return on all assets.

Morgan Properties investment tenets

High Barrier to Entry, Infill Market Locations

Buy existing, well-built assets in infill, high-barrier markets below replacement costs

Morgan Properties investment tenets

Target Value-Add Repositioning Opportunities

Class B assets that inefficiently operated with above-market expense structures; assets in need of rehabilitation or repositioning; assets that are mispriced by the market due to ownership structures that can be resolved

Morgan Properties investment tenets

Manage Assets That Will Benefit from Our Interior Unit Renovations

Maximize the value of assets and lifespan through optimal repairs/replacements; enhance the marketability of assets by implementing interior unit renovations

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Operational Capabilities

Morgan Properties' portfolio of more than 95,000 units consists of both wholly owned and managed properties, as well as properties owned and managed with JV institutional investors. Our success as a multifamily operator hinges on our ability to maximize cash flow through value-add repositioning, hands-on professional management, revenue management infrastructure, and asset preservation.

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Redefining the Rental Experience